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Since 1948 AKO Regelungstechnik develops and produces control valves for temperature and pressure.

In addition to the wide range of our standard program we design and manufacture individual solutions for the special requirements of our customers. If necessary, we supply also in small lot sizes or even down to one single item in case of a special application.

Our standard range of self-controlled temperature control valves with expansion elements or heat sensors has constantly been extended over the last 6 decades. Primary applications are water and oil cooling systems in vessel propulsion machinery, locomotives and power stations, cold warehouses and numerous applications in the chemical industry. True to the basic principle of the self-controlled process and the advantages it offers, nowadays our products can also be found in wind power stations, nuclear power plants and in aviation.

Pressure regulating valves from AKO Regelungstechnik are used where mass products do not fulfil the special requirements of our customers.

Ideas and quality, the management philosophy of AKO

Ideas: in our work we focus on the technical requirements of our customers and their individual special application. Drawing from our long term experience and the high level of flexibility and creativity of our staff we come up with the ideas to provide the best possible solution for each special application of our customers.

Quality: once a solution has been found and developed, quality is our first obligation and commitment. Close partnerships with our suppliers, a highly qualified staff and a well structured organisation form the basis of our work. Thus we can transform an intelligent construction into a first class product in our well equipped and up-to-date workshops.

In short, solving special application problems is our daily business.

Our Products

self actuating 2-way-temperature control valves, 3-way-temperature controle valves, heat sensors and pressure control valves, for more info click here.

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From now on we are online with our new website.

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